Color & Care

We live in a world of color, so why just stick to white?

Colored diamonds found in nature are 10,000 times as rare as colorless stones and make up less than 1% of the market. They’re coveted for their extraordinary depth, eye catching shades and use in jewelry made for the most powerful and influential people on the planet.

So are they simply a luxury item? Maybe not.

Lucky for you, we can make colored diamonds for a fraction of the cost, making the rare beauty of colored gems something that’s finally within reach for everyone.

Stand out from the crowd with our gorgeous colored diamonds, which come in pink, purple, black, smoke, white, and orange.

And that’s only what we have now. We’re working hard to bring you as many beautiful and vibrant colors as you can think of, because it’s nice to have variety. And we’ll be keeping you up to date with our exciting innovations the whole way through.

We’re not only growing diamonds. We’re expanding possibilities.

Care for your diamond

Clean your diamond regularly to ensure its sparkle lasts a lifetime.

You’ll want to clean your jewelry, especially engagement rings which are worn almost 24/7, at least once or twice a week. A LOT can happen in a week.

While our hardy diamonds are especially scratch resistant, sometimes dirt, skin, or other mad-made products can build up and give your diamond a dull appearance.

You can clean your New World Diamond just as you would a regular diamond. Using a jewelry cleaning solution or a mixture of warm water and dish soap, soak for 10-15 minutes and scrub with a soft bristle brush. If you’re working over a sink, be sure to close the drain!

Then dry with a soft cloth or air dry (paper towel can scratch the metal).

Just like that it’s good as new!

Try to avoid using cleaners with a moisturizing agent, such as shampoo and conditioners, as they may leave an oily film. Also avoid bleaching agents as this may cause further damage.

A useful tip: buy a disposable soft toothbrush just for cleaning jewelry. The bristles are perfect for getting into the tiny cracks and crevices.

If your jewelry is especially old or you’re unsure about the material make up (which may affect how it needs to be cleaned), always consult a professional.

Go ahead, pop the question.

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