Your Lab Grown Diamonds Buying Guide

The human-made phenomenon, which brings chemically and structurally identical gems to the natural ones, is the CVD diamonds. Lab created diamonds bring peace of mind to buyers. With New World Diamonds, you will be getting the best value for your money. With our own facility to grow diamonds, New World Diamonds can provide the most economical and high-quality CVD diamond jewelry on the market.

Know the process before buying

How we create our CVD diamonds?

The entire CVD diamonds growing process is done in our own facility here in the USA with an incredibly controlled environment and every diamond is curated with a complete growth cycle.

Our CVD diamonds are exactly the same as the mined ones with similar chemical, physical and optical properties. But we don't take billions of years to develop these beautiful gems but a few weeks. Have something specific in your mind? We also provide customized diamonds for curious minds.


Our CVD diamonds and CVD diamond jewelry are certified. They are real and you can verify them with popular grading organizations like Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), International Gemological Institute (IGI), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD), to name a few, These organizations offer laboratory-grown diamond grading reports using the same color and clarity boundaries as the grading system for natural diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds go through similar tests like mined diamonds.

How much would you end up paying for lab grown CVD diamonds?

CVD diamonds and jewelry are significantly less costly than the natural ones. Lower prices don't mean they are less qualified with their properties and genuineness. At New World Diamonds, you would pay lesser than what you will pay at other diamond sellers. Why? The answer is the same: our own laboratory. We source our own diamonds which makes us one of the only few to do so.

Finally, 4 C’s to check while buying lab grown CVD diamonds


A diamond cut is a measure of the quality of its shape, finish, and geometry of diamond gemstones. Only round brilliant diamonds have formal cut grades on a scale from Ideal (the best) to Poor. New World Diamonds doesn't compromise on cut quality to make sure all of our diamonds have optimal brightness, fire, scintillation, and maximum light performance.


A perfect CVD diamond, with no defects and no impurities, is purely colorless. Impurities like nitrogen cause brown or yellow tones within the diamond. Color is graded on a scale of letters from D to Z — New World Diamonds sells the widest range of color in the market.


Clarity may be a measurement of how much percentage inclusions are present within the diamond, which may be either defect within the diamond crystal or microscopic foreign particles within the diamond. The lower the clarity of a diamond, the more impurities within the diamond. Clarity is graded on a scale from Internally Flawless to Included. New World Diamonds only sells diamonds that are Slightly Included or better. Want to know more? Explore our collection.


The carat weight of a diamond is a measurement of its weight. One carat is strictly 0.20 grams or one-fifth of a gram. When a diamond is accurately cut, the carat weight defines the size of the diamond, and bigger diamonds tend to be costlier.

Well, your own observation and choice will guide you better towards your diamond purchase, so get on the collection we offer and buy your perfect CVD diamond and CVD diamond jewelry!

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